The Phoenix Room

phoenix1The Phoenix, a Persian creature, is a sacred fire bird rising from the ashes. She was very popular during the late 18th and early 19th centuries when this house was built.

The Phoenix Room is on the second floor. It has a king bed or twin beds: interchangeable. There are ‘bed cupboards’ around the room where the servants would have had their beds.The beds can face either way in this room, and can be either two twins or one king.

phoenix2There is an alcove with an 1820s 12-pane sash window that has the original glass. The glass may look ‘dirty’, but that is actually the sand and bubbles in the original glass.









Room Features                                                                    Amenities

- King or Twin bed                                                               – 24 hour tea and coffee

- 4 piece bath                                                                        - Full access to salon and wrap around porch

- dormer with built in seating bench                          - Video/media room on lower level

- Located on the second floor


- Complimentary wi-fi