The Simoorg Room

simoog2The Simoorg is an Iranian creature who is so old that she has seen the world reborn three times out of the disaster of fire. She is a creature who is part peacock and part dog, and she lives near water.

simoog3The Simoorg room is on the main floor, and now has an antique ‘pineapple’ bed. The closet is a chimney closet transformed. There is a three piece ensuite bath.














Room Features                                                               Amenities

- Double Bed with extra long bed                                 – 24 hour tea and coffee

- 3 piece bath                                                                       - Full access to salon and wrap around porch

- 6 foot Regency windows overlook garden            - Video/media room in basement

and fields

- Located on the ground floor


- Complimentary wi-fi